Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Czars, real and false

Conservative Telegraph blogger James Delingpole, commenting on the Van Jones "green czar" controversy in the United States, rather tastelessly calls for "a Yekaterinburg of ALL the Czars." My comment:

I don’t disagree with any of Mr Delingpole’s criticisms of Obama or the appalling Van Jones. However, as a reactionary monarchist who actually believes in real czars, I am sick of the modern world’s abuse of this ancient and noble title and don’t appreciate the irreverent reference to Yekaterinburg, perhaps the single definitive horror of the 20th century, which set the stage for all the others. America certainly does not need “czars” like Van Jones, but Russia does need a czar…or, to be specific, a czarina, since the current rightful claimant to the Imperial Throne is a woman, Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna. Bozhe, Tsarya khrani!

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