Monday, November 30, 2009

Kingdom of Canada

Andrew Coyne defends the Canadian monarchy, while suggesting that its long-term future might be best served by making Prince Harry a resident King of Canada. That's an interesting idea, though I would ask Mr Coyne, what about Her Majesty's fourteen other Commonwealth Realms? Even if Prince Harry himself were agreeable, I am not sure there would be enough other members of the Royal Family prepared to leave Britain to give each of them its own monarch. Why is it more problematic for Canada to share its sovereign with the United Kingdom than, say, St Vincent & the Grenadines, where a republican proposal was recently defeated?

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Unknown said...

I recall a proposal decades ago to have HRH the Prince of Wales to be Governor-General of Australia, except that he would be termed "Viceroy" instead. It's not a bad idea to have royals serve as viceroys like that, but it should not be a lifetime gig.