Sunday, April 17, 2011

Novelist attacks royal family

As a cellist in the Dallas Symphony, I am proud to be a classical musician, but have often felt estranged from the [left-leaning] wider "Arts Community" (whatever that is). If British novelist Martin Amis, who has denounced the Royal Family as "philistines", is its representative, then count me out. Fortunately, other arts personalities such as conductor Christopher Warren-Green have had much nicer things to say about the Royal Family and particularly the Prince of Wales, who with his generous support of the arts and championing of traditional architecture is about as far from being a "philistine" as anyone could be. I consider myself a passionate opponent of real philistinism, especially in the Church, but have not read any of Amis's books, and it doesn't look like that will be changing.

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Anonymous said...

I remember in psychology reading a quote of Hitler's in which he described Churchill as running about Europe destructively. Of course we know who was really running about Europe destructively. The mad man is happy to project his particular lunacy upon other, as recognizing it would put him in the painful position of facing himself. And mad men like Martin Amis who love to burn down houses are always a danger among us, and if unrestrained they do great harm. The problem is that the public, perhaps more importantly academia and the media, are now so ill educated, indeed deluded, that they can mistake lunacy for learning and arson for construction: society itself has gone mad, and the consequences of that can only be disaster.