Saturday, July 16, 2011

England/Belgium 2011

Ironically, blogging may be a bit light as I spend the next four weeks in two of Europe's seven remaining kingdoms, Britain and Belgium. I will be singing daily services with the choir of the Church of the Incarnation in Canterbury Cathedral (July 18-21), St George's Chapel Windsor Castle (July 23-24), and Westminster Abbey (July 25-31). Music lists (subject to change) are here and here. Following the choir tour I plan to visit a friend in Antwerp, Belgium, after which I will return to England for the Three Choirs Festival in Worcester (August 6-13). Please contact me if you are a reader of this blog who lives near any of those places! I look forward to what should be an exciting trip, my fifth visit to the United Kingdom and my first to the Kingdom of Belgium.

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Adminstrator said...

I've enjoyed reading update from your trip on facebook. I know you don't have time when you are travelling, but when you get back from your trip you should do a blog entry summarizing the highlights of your trip!