Friday, July 26, 2013

American commentary on the royal birth

Whenever I see "conservative" commentators and their readers grappling with the fact that many Americans are interested in the British royal family as if this is some sort of embarrassing problem to be solved, I am reminded why I do not consider myself a conservative. Nevertheless, Collin Garbarino's "Why Americans Care About the Royal Baby" is an interesting article.

Meanwhile, over at the libertarian Reason, Matthew Feeney (apparently a British-born immigrant to the United States) offers what may be the
about the most ambivalent "defense" of the British Monarchy ever, "The Benefits of Monarchy." Anyone who can dismiss the "pomp and circumstance" as "irritating" has no heart (which critics of libertarianism might say is appropriate in a libertarian publication). Still, good for Reason for publishing it, I guess.

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