Monday, November 11, 2013

Secularists challenge Coronation

I never had any problem with the British Monarchy being Christian when I was an agnostic, and neither should anyone else. This "legal challenge" is an abomination and must be defeated. The disgusting comments quoted in the article illustrate what a vast gulf exists between these evil secularist orcs and decent people. Yes, Britain is the only remaining European country with a religious coronation. For anyone with a heart this is something to be cherished, not abandoned. The ancient coronation liturgy devised by St Dunstan for the coronation of King Edgar in 973 and (despite the Reformation) substantially intact through the coronation of the present Queen in 1953 is integral to the very soul of the Monarchy. The heartless revolutionary says, "A non-religious ceremony allows everybody to feel equally valued." Well, no. Everybody except those of us who care about tradition and history. There is no "neutral" solution. Either they lose or we lose. I also think it's significant that they refer to the "next head of state" rather than the "next monarch," suggesting that the NSS are crypto-republicans as well, though there are many purely secular arguments in favour of monarchy and many non-religious monarchists (as well as, unfortunately, Christian republicans).


Npinkpanther said...

If the ECtHR or a British court bans the coronation (note that the NSS want a "non-religious ceremony" not "non-religious coronation") there will be hell to pay for them. They wouldn't dare.

Even so, the suggestion of banning the coronation on "human rights" grounds was always going to be completely ridiculous. How the blithering flip are anyone's "human rights" violated by the existence of the coronation? Not to mention, the coronation predates "human rights" by a good 1000 years, dearies.

Aaron Traas said...

They clearly wish to destroy the crown. They hate Christianity, and thus any symbolism of Christ's reign.

Why are so few people executed for treason these days?