Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Monarchy FAQ

Both in my previous post and in November I referred to the relatively new (at least to me) phenomenon of the online "neo-reactionary" movement, a group of bloggers who have arrived at monarchist, or at least anti-democratic and anti-progressive, conclusions about what is wrong with the modern world via a somewhat different path (often including libertarianism) than traditional monarchists. I am not sure I fully understand all their terminology and perspectives, but am always glad to find critics of the modern democratic/republican order emerging, especially if they come to see the virtues and advantages of monarchy. One of these bloggers, Michael Anissimov, has prepared this thorough and fascinating preliminary portion of a Monarchy FAQ responding to a skeptical critic's objections, and his analysis is very much on target. An equally impressive and useful second portion addressing the canard that monarchical history is particularly "bloody" appears here.

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