Monday, March 31, 2014

An Archduke's New Video

Earlier this month, Ferdinand Habsburg (aka HI&RH Archduke Ferdinand, de jure Crown Prince of Austria & Hungary) released his second "vlog" (first here) on his training as an aspiring future Emperor...uh, I mean, racing driver.

It's hard for monarchists not to feel a twinge of disappointment when this charming 16-year-old (who undoubtedly would make a splendid Crown Prince if he were allowed to be) says that "One day I'd like to be famous for being a successful F1 driver, and not for being the great-grandson of the Emperor." But then if one of the advantages of monarchy is a head of state who did not seek the position, one can hardly expect non-reigning royalty to "campaign," and with the role of Crown Prince not currently available, HI&RH must carve out his own future. (One just hopes he'll stay safe.) Alas, it is the lot of 21st-century monarchists to often find ourselves "plus royaliste que le roi."


The King's Man said...

It warms a monarchist's heart to see that the young Archduke's Facebook account is called "DoubleEagele62." Clearly HI&RH is not unaware of or embarrassed by his illustrious ancestry. Best of luck to him in all his endeavours, and I hope the Austrian and Hungarian public will warm to him when they see their rightful Archduke and Prince representing their countries at international sporting events! Clearly the desire to win prestige for their name and the countries is hard-wired into the Habsburgs' DNA.

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Es lebe der Erzherzog!

Gott erhalte und besch├╝tze den Erzherzog!

F├╝nfundneunzig Jahre Interregnum sind wirklich mehr als genug!