Friday, August 26, 2016

Elizabeth II, Charles III, William V, George VII

While I'm glad that most Britons are not republicans and want the Monarchy to continue (that is, most Britons are not evil), far too many don't understand how it works and fail to appreciate the finest Prince of Wales Britain has ever had. As one who deeply admires Prince Charles, I am so sick of this kind of stupidity. I don't think the question should even be asked or articles like this even published. The whole point of a hereditary monarchy is that it's not a popularity contest and you don't get to pick. You keep your mouth shut and accept the lottery of hereditary succession--which has a much better overall track record than presidential elections. But of course modern people think that they have a right to choose everything. They don't. I would support the normal line of succession even if it were 1816 and the heir were George (IV). But as it happens, those who denigrate THIS Prince of Wales are morons and I have no respect for their stupid opinions.


Thomas Henderson said...

Agree fully. A monarch reigns by the grace of God not popularity.

Interestingly, the names Charles III, William V, and George VII may vary, however.

Once a new monarch ascends the throne he gets to chose his name. Charles has indicated that he may opt instead to go with one of his middle names, "George", out of deep respect to his grandfather, George VI. If so, he may succeed his mother as George VII instead of Charles III. It would be well within his prerogative to do so. So if that happens the list could read, Elizabeth II, George VII, William V, and George VIII - or even some other variation.

Matthew Celestine said...

I hope he doesen't change his name, though it's the sort of royal cliche that wouldn't surprise me. We have had enough Georges for the name to become wearisome. The Stuart kings deserve some respect, so I'd like to see another Charles.

Yes, the Prince of Wales is a very decent fellow. He's not perfect and I don't always agree with his views, but I think he is a credit to our nation and has represented Her Majesty very well in recent years. He will be a good king.

Thomas Henderson said...

Another Caroline age would be okay, too. The other two Charles, the Stuart kings, have got a bit of a bum rap by 'Whig interpretation of history' scholars.

Name changes by ascending monarchs is not entirely uncommon. Prince Albert, the Prince of Wales in Victoria's time, became Edward VII. Edward VIII, as Prince of Wales under George V, was known around the house as 'David' and his brother 'Bertie' or Albert, the Duke of York, succeeded him as George VI.