Tuesday, February 27, 2018


One hears a lot these days about ideological battles on college campuses. Part of me wishes I were about twenty years younger so that I could participate in them provocatively as an internet-savvy Eurocentric reactionary monarchist, though I'd have to side in practice with the classical liberal ("conservative") defenders of "Free Speech" despite not actually being a classical liberal. I don't remember politics touching the Indiana University School of Music very much in the late 1990s when I was actually in college. There was more at Juilliard--in reaction to which I think I started my journey towards the Right, though having always been fond of royalty I was never a very pure leftist, and I still don't really fit into American Conservatism (in either its pro-Trump or anti-Trump versions). But I think I'd rather have been born even earlier, and defended the Shah in the 1970s, or Franco in the 1930s. See how "evil" I am? Ha!

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