Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Sometimes I come across old internet posts and comments of mine. I haven't changed much. That's why it can be hard when online acquaintances go through various ideological and/or religious phases. Sometimes it means they don't want to be "Friends" anymore. This is usually guys, usually considerably younger, though I can think of one female former friend about my age to whom it applies. I think sometimes young men get interested in Monarchy--why not, it's awesome--but then when they learn that the modern world is never going to take this seriously, and Europe's contemporary royals are not going to do what they want, they either sell out and embrace "normie" politics or gravitate to more extreme ideologies that they see as "tougher." Sometimes they reject Christianity altogether; sometimes they embrace a fanatical Christianity that rejects all earthly goals dear to the hearts of traditionalists. It's sad to witness. I'm sticking with what I know is right. If that makes me a "LARPer," so be it. I'm grateful for all those who have stayed loyal and aren't budging. Monarchism Forever.


Aaron Traas said...

It's not hard to argue that monarchy is best, but in the context of modern life in the west, strong monarchy has little hope of returning in our lifetimes. It's fine to compromise with the pragmatic, but to lose site of the ideal is just as foolhardy as to reject all pragmatism.

We're sadly fighting the long defeat. I think it's just going to keep getting worse until at least the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, whatever form that takes.

PlasticGangsta said...

I am from the UK and have always been a staunch Royalist as well as, idiosyncratically a Roman Catholic. I would like to see the Hohenzollerns and the Romanovs restored, as Constitutional Monarchs obviously. I believe that for some nations their monarchy is a part of the soul of their country and in the case of Germany and Russia I think they lack something without them.

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