Monday, January 11, 2021

Real Monarchism

One of the many reasons I am confident in the superiority and rightness of monarchism is that Monarchists are practically the only type of ideological faction today who do NOT frequently try to repudiate various unpleasant actual examples of our preferred system on the grounds that while it may use the word it's somehow not a "real" example. (In logic this is known as the "No True Scotsman" fallacy.) Many republicans (with a lowercase "r") claim that dictatorial regimes such as the People's Republic of China or the Islamic Republic of Iran are not "real" Republics. Many Marxists claim that the USSR and its Iron Curtain satellites were not "real" Communism. At the opposite extreme, libertarian or anarcho-capitalist free-market ideologues claim that what we currently have economically in the USA is not "real" Capitalism. "NeverTrump" conservatives argue that Trumpism is not "real" Conservatism. (Even before Trump, some traditionalist conservative theorists maintained that the Republican Party had nothing to do with their ideal of "real" Burkean/Kirkian conservatism.) Apologists for Islam claim that the radical Islam of terrorists is not "real" Islam. Christians of various stripes Right and Left often claim that those Christians from whom they wish to disassociate themselves are not "real" Christians.

Some of those kinds of arguments may have more validity than others. But that's beside the point, which is that in contrast, I don't know any monarchist who denies that, for example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a Real Monarchy just because most of us don't much like it. It is. It's listed at my website. We own up to our less flattering examples. We just maintain that they're not the norm, and that overall, what we advocate is better than the alternatives, especially when those alternatives have been the result of displacing existing monarchies. I don't think any rival ideological faction is as honest.

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