Friday, May 21, 2010

Crown Princess Victoria's "sexist" wedding

Crown Princess Victoria has annoyed Sweden's fussy guardians of egalitarianism by wishing to walk down the aisle with her father rather than together with fiancé Daniel Westling at their wedding this summer. The politically correct clergy of the Church of Sweden do not approve of what they ironically claim is a violation of Swedish "tradition," though I wonder how old this custom of the bride and groom walking in together really is. But as the Royal Court quite sensibly points out, this is not any ordinary wedding but rather one in which Sweden's King will lead his heir to the altar before the nation. While I don't particularly care for the 1980 abolition of male primogeniture and wish that royalty still married other royalty, in this case I applaud HRH's intention and wish her and Mr. Westling (soon to be Prince Daniel) a happy and fruitful marriage.


May said...

Good for the Princess. I will link to this at Sword and Sea, soon.

Unknown said...

This has never, ever been a tradition in Sweden. Before the 14th century, the wedding ceremony took place on the church steps and afterwards every one entered the church for mass. Since then (for 700 years) the bride and groom has walked the aisle together.
The house of Bernadotte, has only ruled in Sweden since 1818. They where imported from France.