Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Robin Hood (2010)

Ridley Scott's latest medieval epic has little to do with the traditional Robin Hood legend and even less to do with actual history, but looks spectacular and includes a fine performance by Eileen Atkins as Queen Eleanor (1122-1204), not to mention real-life monarchist Russell Crowe in the title role. Apart from a silly digression about the Crusades (Robin claims that the peaceful Muslims felt "only pity" for the Crusaders for being, you know, not as peaceful), at least it's not quite as "politically corrected" as some other adaptations. For two quite contrasting non-leftist reactions (not necessarily endorsed), see Steven Greydanus (via Tea at Trianon) and Richard Spencer & Paul Smith. If you can ignore Scott's biases and agendas, I think Robin Hood is worth seeing on the big screen in the theatre if mainly for the colourful and detailed views of medieval life and unspoiled scenery it offers.

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