Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Henry IV's remains identified

The Daily Mail reports that scientists have identified a skull as being that of King Henri IV, one of France's greatest and most popular kings, who was tragically assassinated in 1610.

The last paragraph is a pleasant surprise. A "national mass" for Henri IV? I wonder how that will go over. It is true that of all the Kings of France Henri IV has always had the reputation hardest for republicans to destroy, as he was so clearly successful and benevolent. I sometimes wonder if France might have taken an entirely different (and better) long-term path had he not been assassinated and lived until after his son Louis XIII reached his majority.

GalliaWatch has more here.

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radical royalist said...

The well-known French historian (and royalist) Philippe Delorme raised doubts about the authenticity of the mummified head.

In an interview with Radio France Internationale he explained his doubts