Wednesday, August 17, 2011

German royal wedding delights media, annoys republicans

I am glad to learn that the German media plan to give extensive coverage to the August 27 wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, head of the Imperial & Royal House of Hohenzollern, and Princess Sophie of Isenburg, which is sure to please German monarchists but is already infuriating left-wing republican politicians. These pathetic killjoys have had their way for nearly 93 years (with such wonderful results, eh?), yet they still can't bear a single royal wedding receiving attention. Part of me though would rather see the wedding denounced than ignored, as it suggests that republicans are still insecure. Deep down many Europeans know that monarchies are more fun than republics, or the media wouldn't bother, but what will it take to get them to go beyond admiration of celebrity glamour to agitation for restoration?

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