Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Marie Antoinette defamation continues

I'm not sure which side is more ignorant and ridiculous: liberals who think that the main problem with a cartoon depicting Michelle Obama as Marie Antoinette is that it's "racist," or "conservatives" who think it clever to malign the martyred Queen in the first place. A plague on both their houses. (And people wonder why I refuse to participate in American politics!)

The cartoons also attempt to link President Obama with Louis XIV, or possibly Louis XVI, though it's not clear that their creators have any idea who either king was or what they looked like. As if the ignorance inherent in maligning Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) were not enough, the painting spoofed by "Gateway Pundit" and identified in the Mail article as one of her husband Louis XVI (1754-1793) actually depicts his great-great-great-grandfather Louis XIV (1638-1715), with whom I'm pretty sure Mr. Obama has nothing in common other than also being a head of state. But of course if the contemptible ignoramuses producing these defamatory images cared about such pesky details as historical facts, they wouldn't be producing them! It is supremely ironic for these disgusting liars to be labeled "right-wing," since that the whole ideological concept of the "Right" dates from the time of the French Revolution, when the Right were the defenders of the great French Monarchy.

As for that scum Bill O'Reilly who slandered Her Majesty as "villainous," truly there is no more pernicious pestilential pompous prick on television. Down with the evil Murdoch media and all its works!


The Monarchist said...

Mr. Harvey needs a twitter button on his posts so I can tweet them. This one is very tweetable.

Flambeaux said...

Amen! And I say again, Amen!

Orchard Ville said...

Whoever came up with that poster, along with Bill O' Reilly should be educated first before they're allowed to speak, or do anything.

Jeanne Carson said...

Imagine if Marie Antoinette or her husband saw such depictions of themselves in their lifetime, even today! It would certainly cause an outrage, but more than that, it would be seen as 'insulting' for their reputations as to see the images of two colored people be represented as them, which by today's standards would be considered "racist."
Although I'm neither a Monarchist or a Obama-supporter, I would consider it ironic that Michelle Obama, the ex-FLOTUS, would be compared to Queen Marie Antoinette, even though there's little in common between the two (except the fact that they're both public figures, both lived prestigiously in luxury, both are married to former heads of states, both had influence and contributions on political or social matters, and both faced stark and offensive criticism). Aside with some similarities, there's mostly stark differences between them. Mrs. Obama is a woman of color or an "Afro-American" whose ancestors were indentured servants or slaves, and Marie Antoinette is a Caucasian woman who carries royal blood. Michelle O' came from the suburbs of Chicago and was born to a middle-lower class family, while Marie Antoinette (whose real name was Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna) was born to a well-established imperial royal dynasty in Vienna, Austria, then the headquarters of the Holy Roman Empire. Michelle Obama made success and fortune in life by being sent to Ivy League schools, universities and colleges, was fluent in the legal profession, and married a man of her own choice, while M.A. was born into it but wasn't given serious education or training, (as it was reserved for males in her time), and her marriage was arranged with a person she hadn't even met or known to have existed in order to seal permanent diplomatic peace relations between France & Austria. Michelle Obama's husband is a politician who held and ran for governmental positions and succeeded to become the first biracial POTUS, while M.A.'s husband, Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, was an heir to the French Throne and later became the King of France by inherent right. Marie Antoinette later became a mother of four children, and only one survived to adulthood. Michelle Obama is a mother to two daughters, both of which are now adolescents and didn't get to see their parents suffer tragic fates similar to that of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette.