Monday, January 7, 2013

Commendable Caution from the Heir to the Throne

Recently the Prince of Wales, with his outspoken concern for the preservation of the countryside, demonstrated once again how his understanding of what conservatism at its best ought to mean is superior to that of many self-proclaimed "conservatives," who see only "Economic Growth." And now it is revealed that Prince Charles has also voiced a mild but urgent note of caution regarding the Government's heedless plans to do away with male primogeniture and the Act of Settlement. If these politicians had any sense, they would have at least consulted the heir to the throne, who seems to understand these issues rather better than they do. As I and others (such as my friend and ally Michael Davis) have pointed out, it is foolhardy to imagine the Monarchy can be blithely conformed to modern preoccupations with "Equality" without damaging its very essence. For too long zealous "reformers" (who never seem to actually make anything better) have trampled all over Britain's constitutional traditions with precious little criticism by anyone in the public eye. Whatever comes of his remarks, the Prince of Wales deserves credit for attempting to act as steward of the constitution of the country whose throne he will one day inherit, as he has long acted as steward of its land.

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