Saturday, January 17, 2015

Strange Bedfellows

It is interesting how democratic republicans and advocates of Leftist or Rightist dictatorships, though opposed to each other in so many ways, all agree on one fundamental premise, that is denied only by traditional monarchists: that the head of state should be someone who wanted to be head of state and had to prove his "merit" in some way to attain the office.

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Michael E. said...

We're told a democratic republic is the best form of government, and that it's a good thing when a monarchy is overthrown and replaced with one.

We're told Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime in Germany were the epitome of evil.

We're NOT told they came to power peacefully and legally in a republic founded on the ashes of a deposed monarchy, and that he never rescinded the constitution (so that legally, Nazi Germany WAS the Weimar Republic that replaced the German Empire--a continuation, not a coup).

Likewise, we're NOT told that the government that succeeded Nazi Germany (in the West until 1990, all of Germany since up until the present day) is the exact same form of government that produced the Nazi regime in the first place.

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