Saturday, June 27, 2020

Facebook censorship

This morning on Facebook I was suspended (no posting, commenting, or Liking/Reacting) for 24 hours simply for commenting on this photo of Prince Constantine in a Greek Royal Family group, "Greeks are idiots for rejecting their Royal Family. I don't understand it." Honestly, compared to everything that gets said on Facebook, including by me, I think that's pretty mild. I suppose I might have been OK if I'd said, more precisely, "those Greeks who reject their Royal Family are idiots." Still, this seems pretty heavy-handed to me. Be careful out there!

[Sunday update: on a lighter note, here are Princes Constantine and Achileas on guitar and drums.]

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Alexander Strauffon said...

Facebook y sus algoritmos que censuran de forma injustificada, mientras que otras cosas que sí deberían filtrarse suelen permanecer ahí. Incluye el testimonio de un ex-empleado de la compañía sobre el tema.