Saturday, November 27, 2010

Elizabeth II, Charles III, William V

To his credit, Prince William has no time for suggestions that he, rather than his father, ought to succeed the Queen. Looking forward to embarking on married life with Kate Middleton, he is not in a hurry. As Peter Hitchens points out, such speculation is at best stupid and at worst sinister. I happen to believe that the Prince of Wales will make an excellent King, but more importantly, a hereditary monarchy is not a popularity contest; that's part of the point, and those who don't understand that might as well be republicans.

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Npinkpanther said...

Agreed. The Queen herself cannot fathom abdication, neither for herself nor anyone else, having gone speechless when she was informed of Queen Juliana's abdication, and mutterng "typical Dutch".

To be fair though, I think most monarchists who would want to skip Charles are more concerned with the future of the monarchy, fearing that a King Charles may be unpopular. Of course I'm sure people will warm to him, though.