Tuesday, November 16, 2010

William and Kate

After years of waiting and speculation, the media (Telegraph, BBC, Guardian, Daily Mail, New York Times) finally got their big announcement. HRH Prince William will marry Kate Middleton (ancestry) in the spring or summer of 2011. While I rather doubt they read this blog, I congratulate the happy couple on their engagement and wish them all possible joy and success. The timing of what will probably be the biggest royal wedding since that of William's parents thirty years earlier seems perfect; 2012 is the year of his grandmother's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, so London has enough going on that year, and waiting any longer would just be ridiculous. Prince William is unlikely to want to evoke parallels with his parents' wedding in St Paul's Cathedral, so in all likelihood the ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey. I hope the exact date will be announced soon, so that I'll know if it will coincide with my choir's trip to England (July 16-August 1). If it's during or shortly after the tour (personally I'm hoping for August 6), I'll be in England for the royal wedding! Somehow though I don't think we'd get to sing for it...

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