Monday, November 8, 2010

The Queen on Facebook

HM the Queen has joined Facebook....or rather, an official Facebook page has been established for the British Monarchy. The page, launched this morning, already has over 75,000 fans, including me of course. Actually I did not have to do anything today to be included among the fans; it seems that the new official page has taken over the URL of an older unofficial page of which I was already a fan.

Unfortunately, it appears the numbers may be slightly inflated by republicans who have joined only to insult the monarchy and argue with real fans; hopefully they will remain a tiny minority. The page promises that "any offensive comments will be deleted," but given the nature of the internet that will be a big job if they're really serious and comments continue to be open to anyone who clicks "Like." I must say I don't understand the mentality of people who join a Facebook page or group that is diametrically opposed to their actual beliefs; I would never join an anti-monarchist page or group in order to argue with them. But then consistency and courtesy have not been known as republicans' strong points, have they?

I wish the Royal Household the best in its admirable continuing efforts to take advantage of the best of modern technology in promoting an ancient institution. This Facebook page is a perfect example of how monarchy can and should adapt to the contemporary world without sacrificing tradition and dignity. God Save the Queen!

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