Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Britain's pathetic republicans

British anti-monarchists would like to think of the royal wedding as a boost to their horrid cause...but most actual British people aren't interested, even if they're not all diehard monarchists either. Abroad, German attitudes are summed up by the journalist who admits that Kate Middleton is on the covers of popular magazines, but no one cares who the President of Germany is. (Note to Germans: there is a solution for that.)

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Christina said...

I am sure there is nothing to fear from the 25 people who thought it worth turning out to express their dissatisfaction with their own lives and projected it onto the Royal Family! Prince William is so popular, as is the Queen, and the forthcoming wedding is like a glimmer of light in all the depressing news that journalists love to throw at us to make us feel we are doomed :-). Everyone I meet here in England, is looking forward to the wedding and wishing William and Kate well.