Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Discussing the French Revolution

I was pleased to be mentioned in my friend Gareth Russell's eloquent reflection on Monarchy and the French Revolution, even if he is a tad too even-handed towards republicanism. Coincidentally, the same day he posted it, I received in the mail information for The Rockford Institute's 2011 Summer School on the French Revolution (July 12-17). I don't always agree with American paleoconservatives and no longer subscribe to Chronicles, but TRI Vice President Christopher Check's introductory letter opening with a defense of Marie Antoinette was right on the mark. I would attend myself if I weren't leaving for England with my choir on July 16, but I'd like to encourage readers of this blog to seriously consider attending, especially if you live anywhere near Rockford, Illinois. Scholarships are available for students and high school teachers. I went in 2005 (experience described here) & 2007 and had a great time. Anyone interested in learning and socializing in an intellectually stimulating environment with a counterrevolutionary perspective on what arguably remains the most destructive event in the history of Western Civilization should not miss this year's summer school.

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