Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Michael of Romania at 90

Today HM King Michael I of Romania, who first joined the ranks of the world's heads of state as a five-year-old boy in 1927 and is the last living adult head of state from World War II, celebrates his ninetieth birthday. Touchingly, for the first time in more than six decades he delivered a speech to the Romanian parliament in which while charitably (we royalists are always "plus royaliste que le roi") acknowledging its members as "legitimate representatives" he also stressed his conception of the Crown as "not a symbol of the past, but a unique embodiment of our independence, sovereignty and unity. The Crown is a reflection of the State in its historical continuity and of the Nation in its evolution. The Crown has consolidated Romania through loyalty, courage, respect, probity and modesty." I hope Romanians were listening!

King Michael recently defended his war record from absurd attacks. I congratulate HM on his birthday and call on Romanians to formally restore him and his family--already more meaningful symbols of the nation than any politician could ever be--to the throne. Two decades since the alleged "fall" of Communism have been squandered, but it is not too late for Romanian politicians (like the disgusting president who boycotted the speech and the Liberal leader who though supportive of the invitation was at pains to distance it from any possibility of restoration) to stop being greedy traitors and bow to their rightful King!

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