Monday, October 24, 2011

Castle in Arkansas

A friend told me about the Ozark Medieval Fortress this summer while we were visiting Dover Castle in England, but being away from the internet at the time I then somehow forgot to look up the link until today. The ongoing project, whose goal is to build a medieval castle in the Arkansas Ozarks using only authentic period construction methods, is scheduled for completion around 2030 and was inspired by Gu├ędelon, a similar project in France, with archaeologist Michel Guyot being the visionary behind both endeavors. The site is already open to tourists and offers all kinds of opportunities from brief visits to substantial volunteer work. American monarchists, especially those of us who live in the central United States which (unlike, say, California) is not normally known for its castles, will surely want to check this out; I certainly intend to plan a visit!

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The Bobman said...

I heard about this project while listening to a Rick Steves podcast. Seeing as how I live in Oklahoma and it's not too far to make a simple trek I certainly plan to visit this site fairly soon.