Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Queen of Australia

Robert Hardman reflects on the depth of Australians' enthusiasm for their Queen's royal visit which has apparently surprised even monarchists. Twelve years ago Australians were told by a virtually monolithic media and political class that a republic was inevitable. It is that presumption--not the monarchy--that now seems like a relic of the past as Australians turn out in droves for their Sovereign--not a "foreign" Sovereign, but their Sovereign.

Speaking of Australia, I don't normally post on non-monarchical matters, but this article by an Australian atheist who admires the great Anglican tradition of Choral Evensong, as experienced at places such as St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne, is worth reading. Frankly though a practicing Anglican and adult convert to Christianity I have more respect for people like him--who just might be closer to God than they think--than for "Christian" philistines who would modernize our cultural patrimony out of existence.

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