Wednesday, May 21, 2014

American Monarchism in 1984

I just found this interesting article on American monarchists from 1984, published when I was five years old and for some reason not yet particularly active in monarchism. Most of it still applies today, thirty years later. We haven't gotten much less marginal since then, but at least now we have the internet.


Ponocrates said...

Excellent article. I took a philosophy course from Frederick Wilhelmsen while I was at the University of Dallas some years ago. I knew he liked Spain under Franco, but didn't know about his activities in the 70s. He would smoke cigarettes while lecturing, which was highly unusual.

Flambeaux said...

Fritz was the reason I went to UD.

On Sleeping Bag Weekend in 1995 I ended up in an 8 AM Philosophy class he was teaching and that experience convinced me to go to UD. Alas, he died shortly thereafter so that was my only experience of him as a teacher.

I'll have to read the essay.

Ponocrates said...

Dear Flambeaux,

Class of '93, so I just missed you.