Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Exotica of Monarchy

No comment on the rest of this annoying article (definitely not endorsed!), but it's tiresome to see the way neoconservative critics of Catholic traditionalism frequently bring up "love of monarchy" as if that's a self-evidently bad thing, an example of what's wrong with the traditionalist movement, and one of its adherents' major themes (if only it were!). Actually, in the United States monarchists are (unfortunately) a minority even at traditionalist Catholic chapels. And in a society as messed up as ours, what on earth is wrong with a little "exotica"? Chris Ferrara's reply is apt: "I am glad to see that you have found peace and contentment in the sty of Republican Catholic conformism."


Aaron Traas said...

Certainly many trads can be a bit tactless and uncharitable. But this man is one of a long line of Catholics that is all to embarrassed of Catholicism.

Unknown said...

"I am glad that you find comfort in your 1950s Catholicism but some of us see the sham for what it was."