Friday, May 16, 2014

Militant Monarchist Thought of the Day

The British, Spanish, or Swedish parliaments can pass good laws or bad ones (mostly the latter). But the French, Austrian, or Portuguese parliaments can pass no laws at all. All their acts are utterly null and void. So there is no point in protesting against anything specific that Europe's illegitimate republics do. Their crime is their existence and Romans 13 does not apply to them. There is no such thing as the lawful abolition of a monarchy. Ever. Monarchists in Europe need to stop being nice (or quarreling among themselves) and demand to be heard, because we are right and the enemy is wrong. And Europe's "conservative" republicans and "Christian" Democrats are in a way worse than the Left, because they consolidate and legitimize the Revolution. No society could function for long without some sort of conservatism. Even the Soviet Union had its "conservatives." But we do not want the republics to continue to function. We want them destroyed. Once a country's monarchy has been abolished, conservatism becomes part of the problem and those who previously would have been conservatives must become counter-revolutionaries or reactionaries.

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Ponocrates said...

I like where you are going with this!