Tuesday, April 28, 2015

After the Apocalypse

In the context of a Facebook discussion on Salazar (of whom I, unlike some of my right-wing friends, am not a fan), which ended up also encompassing various other topics as diverse as Game of Thrones and hypothetical monarchs of the United States, I wrote the following comment, which I'd like to also share here:

"1918 was really The End in a lot of ways. That's one reason why the hysterical rhetoric of some conservative Christians these days about Obama or whatever leaves me cold.

It's largely The British Monarchy that keeps me from losing all interest in our present time. Reactionaries who think exclusively in Continental terms tend to look down on sentimental Windsor loyalist Anglophiles like me, but at least we can cling to something that in spite of everything is still around."

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Patrick Sheridan said...

Indeed, God save The Queen, God save The Duke of Rothesay and the Union!