Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On Cultural Destruction in Nepal

The catastrophic destruction of cultural heritage in Nepal, along with the loss of human life, is horrible indeed, but I wish that more people could come to see the abolition of an ancient monarchy, as happened in Nepal seven years ago, as being just as tragic a cultural loss as this, though far more preventable. All beautiful cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, should be preserved or restored, and that includes monarchies. The great Hindu civilisation that built these monuments was monarchical and hierarchical, not republican or egalitarian, because egalitarianism cannot create, it only destroys, like a man-made earthquake. In a way these scenes are a visual counterpart to what was done, not by Nature but by evil men, in 2008. Pray for the restoration of all of Nepal's cultural heritage. Long live King Gyanendra, long live the Nepalese Royal Family, and long live Nepal.


Unknown said...

Here, here!

The earthquake is so devastating.
The loss of the monarchy in Nepal was and continues to be a tragedy.

I hope the royal family is able to do some good for the country during this terrible time.

Unknown said...

I wholeheartedly agree with what Unknown had said, that some members of the deposed Nepalese Royal Family can use this opportunity to repair and rehabiliate their tarnished public image left damaged by the Royal Massacre and their past wrongdoings, so the Nepalese people can come to their senses and restore the Nepalese monarchy. This is what monarchy is all about, acting in the interests of a country's people, not only about titles, privileges, and status alone.