Friday, April 10, 2015


What will probably always separate me from the majority of Christians, even liturgically traditionalist Christians who are not without appreciation of the merits of pre-Revolutionary Christian civilisation, is that they are willing to accept (perhaps with a little regret) that the World has largely moved on from kings & queens, hereditary succession, dynastic alliances, coats of arms, formal aristocratic hierarchies, royal courts, and so forth, and so those things cannot be considered as important politically as they once were, and I'm not. And if that means the world leaves me behind, so be it.

But perhaps someday the total collapse will come and it will be recognized that we were right. The replacement of kings with presidents has been a disaster for the Church and a disaster for Humanity. Someday the insanity must end.

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Unknown said...

Sir, I share your longings and know the pain of being an outcast in this age. May we see the restoration swiftly and peacefully.