Thursday, August 12, 2021

The truth about the French Revolution

Gerald Warner demolishes the myths on which the modern French Republic is built. Tuesday was the 229th anniversary of the (first) temporary abolition of the ancient French Monarchy, but royalists will never give up. Vive le Roi!

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Thomas Henderson said...

Gerald Warner's article is spot on, but in addition to the historic atrocities of the French Revolution, what often gets glossed over by the opinion-makers is that France never recovered from the Revolution. Up until 1789, France was the most populous and (despite the set backs of the Seven Years War) the most powerful country in Europe. The Revolution was a demographic and spiritual catastrophe which allowed Great Britain and Germany to match France by the mid-nineteenth century and France never again had the prestige it had under the late ancient regime.

Revolution,that old saturnine beast, feeds on the legacy of the past and in turn eats up its own.