Monday, October 17, 2011

Monarchists and the Occupiers

At first glance monarchists might appear to have little in common with the values and rhetoric of participants in the ongoing "Occupy" protests. Radicals such as the speaker in Los Angeles who praises the violence of the French Revolution and ignoramuses such as the transgender Maoist (?) in Philadelphia who denies that Stalin killed millions of people are as offensive to monarchists as they are to mainstream republican conservatives, if not more so. Yet if one looks beyond the wild leftist fringe to the motivations prompting at least some relatively sane people to participate in these demonstrations, it would seem that the "Occupy" movement actually confirms a key monarchist point: that the abolition or weakening of traditional monarchies & aristocracies throughout the world since the vaunted revolutions of the late 18th century has not in fact remedied any of the alleged injustices of the old order, with economic inequality and financial chicanery today being greater than they ever were under the ancien regime.

Monarchists should remain aloof from the modern republican "Right." The bourgeois capitalist republicans that emerged in the 19th century from the wreckage of the old order and tossed most of the remaining crowns aside in the 20th thought they didn't need us; they can try to "conserve" their godless, throne-less, anti-human system without us. The Whigs have made their bed; let them lie in it.


Servant of the Chief said...

The Occupy movement is too far gone to be salvageable regardless of whether or not their grievances bring to light said key point. Distrubists (political traditionalists who believe in distributism economics) have tried infiltrating the various movements to no avail thus far, it is obvious what road this movement is going down.

Theodore Harvey said...

Unfortunately you're probably right. Notice that in saying monarchists should remain aloof from the modern "Right," I did not say that we should join with the modern Left. A plague on both their houses.