Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Prince and the Composer

A British friend complained that he was unable to watch the video on the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge mentioned in my previous post, which is apparently unavailable to viewers in the UK. I had the same kind of disappointment in reverse when I was unable to watch the BBC documentary "The Prince and the Composer," in which the Prince of Wales explores the music and life of one of his favourite composers, Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry (1848-1918). I also discussed Parry, whose music gloriously resounded across the world at the royal wedding in April, in my May 2011 lecture "Choirs and the Crown."

Fortunately for viewers outside the UK, however, the entire film is now available on YouTube; here is Part I. I particularly enjoyed seeing the interaction between Prince Charles and the men and boys (two of whom I met in Edington in 2010) of the choir of Westminster Abbey. Britain is incredibly lucky to have an heir to the throne (too often not appreciated as much as his mother or his sons) who cares so passionately and speaks so intelligently about classical music. (Here is a report on HRH's appreciation of the Australian Chamber Orchestra who performed for him recently in London. Note though that Prince Charles is also the heir to the Australian throne, not only the British one.)

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