Friday, December 30, 2011

Prince Charles Was Right

...about genetically modified crops, admits the Daily Mail. For years the thoughtful heir to the British throne, whose book and companion film Harmony put forth a profoundly appealing and arguably vital vision for the world, has been mocked for his causes. But one need not agree with every opinion the Prince of Wales has ever articulated to see that GM crops have not exactly been the boon they were supposed to be, and there are real costs to ignoring the warnings of skeptics of "Progress" like him.

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Aaron Traas said...

I'm a relatively recent convert on the whole GMO thing, and I think my upbringing gave me a bit of a bias towards scientific "progress" always being good. The institution of Monarchy, even in cases like the UK, where they have little political power, is good as a vehicle of tradition and opposition to blind change. Prince Charles's upbringing, necessarily enshrined in trarition as it was, likely gave him the tools to really needed to pass on the wisdom of the ages.